Information on abstract submission for EVGA2021:

The abstract submission opens on 21 January and the deadline for submission is 31 January 2021, 12 UTC.

As usual at EVGA working meetings, there will be three sessions:

Session 1: Technology
This session focuses on the ongoing VLBI technology development, in particular for the VGOS network. Contributions concerning technical development like e.g. feed horns, backends, recording systems, data transfer, correlation, post-correlation, automation are encouraged.

Session 2: Observations
This session covers recent activities and future plans at VLBI stations, networks, correlators and data centres. Contributions concerning e.g. the improvement of VLBI observations, VGOS observations, local tie vector determination, VLBI observations of satellite signals, but also scheduling and simulation, are encouraged.

Session 3: Analysis
This session aims at contributions on the analysis of VLBI data, both for geodesy and astrometry, and the derived scientific results. Contributions concerning e.g. earth rotation, the terrestrial reference frame, the celestial reference frame, astrophysical and geophysical models, are encouraged.

We plan for three type of contributions: 

  1. oral contributions (12 minutes presentations and 3 minutes questions)
  2. posters, i.e. pdf-files that will be uploaded to a webpage and can be read by the audience even outside the meeting hours
  3. movies, i.e. real movies or e.g. animated power point presentations of max 5 min length that can be watched by the audience even outside the meeting hours

Abstract submission:
Please submit your abstract as a pdf-file by 31 January 2021, 12 UTC, attachment to an email that you send to:

Your abstract needs to include:
a)    The abstract title
b)    The list of authors and their contact addresses, 
c)    The actual abstract text 
d)    An indication for which session you submit it, and 
e)    Whether you intend to have an oral, poster or movie contribution.
In total, the abstract shall not exceed one A4 page. A gzipped tar-file including the LaTeX template and the necessary cls.file file is provided ==> HERE <==.

The SOC will set up the conference program and take the final decision on the contributions.

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